Manpower Augmentation

Manpower Augmentation

Delivering certainty all over the nation.

Given the complexity of wind energy projects’ schedules with ongoing regular maintenance cycles, everyday troubleshooting, fleet-wide retrofits etc., wind sites can be hit with the need in temporary workforce augmentation.

ANEMOI provides short and long term skilled and qualified staff to meet the needs of any project.  ANEMOI’s workforce augmentation provides immediate skilled and qualified technicians without the delays in hiring and training personnel.


Our Manpower Augmentation Services

We have the ability to staff long-term and short-term technicians across the country. These are the services we include:

  • Laydown yard support
  • Shipping and receiving support
  • Construction Support
  • Scheduled or unscheduled maintenance
  • Inspections
  • Retrofits

Our Service Map

You’ll find us throughout the country with a highly-trained workforce and cutting-edge fleet for reliable response when you need us most. Here are just a few of our recent job sites:

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