We optimize turbines at a lower cost per unit served.

Whether it’s correcting a serial defect or performing an upgrade for efficiencies, ANEMOI has the skills, tooling, and knowledge to fully complete your retrofit. ANEMOI has been involved in and installed retrofits as small as ladder bracket retro’s to installing a complete fleet redesign on a turbine airflow nacelle cooling system.


We increase reliability at a lower cost per unit serviced

Many owners and operators decide to retrofit their turbines with new parts simply to reduce future running costs due to better reliability of the replaced parts and increased productivity.  Parts have a lifespan and with many turbines reaching their 20-year design lifespan owners/operators are finding they can retrofit and replace some exhausted end of life components to keep their assets online for years more to come.

Our Service Map

You’ll find us throughout the country with a highly-trained workforce and cutting-edge fleet for reliable response when you need us most. Here are just a few of our recent job sites:

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