Gearbox Oil Changes

Gearbox Oil Changes

We keep turbines producing at a lower cost per units serviced.

ANEMOI has the experience, equipment and capability to perform any of your gearbox oil change and conversion needs. Whether you are performing a straight change with the same oil type or switching oil types, ANEMOI is your trusted wind turbine maintenance and service provider.


Our Scheduled Maintenance Services

ANEMOI does not just change your gearbox oil, we inspect observe, understand and report any anomalies we find during your oil change. You can trust us to service your wind turbine effectively and efficiently.

  • Completely enclosed and self contained unit to work in most environments without external power source needs.
  • Temperature controlled tanks to optimize oil flow in any climate
  • Four segregated oil tanks for
    • Waste oil
    • Flush oil (Heated)
    • Rinse oil (Heated)
    • New product oil (Heated and Filtered)
  • New product oil is filtered to ISO 4406 Standard
  • A staff certified to perform warranty repairs on gearbox OEM equipment

Our Service Map

You’ll find us throughout the country with a highly-trained workforce and cutting-edge fleet for reliable response when you need us most. Here are just a few of our recent job sites:

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