Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduled Maintenance


ANEMOI employees technician certified and trained on the leading OEM turbine platforms.  As a leading service provider for the top OEM’s our technicians receive the most up to date comprehensive training on OEM equipment, meaning we deliver certainty in knowledge and skill to our client partners.


Our Scheduled Maintenance Services

Scheduled maintenance is a method used to keep wind turbines in consistent working order. Wind technicians lubricate moving parts on components such as gearboxes and bearings, check connections on numerous devices within the system, and resolve any concerns that may develop. This is often performed two to three times per year.

Working with a client, ANEMOI will ensure the maintenance checklist provides all the essential information for safe maintenance, cleaning, inspections, testing and replacement tasks that are necessary to ensure the proper operation of generators and associated equipment.

Only qualified technicians or engineers, who understand the principles of operation of the generator and its control panels, shall carry out any maintenance.

ANEMOI offers technical expertise from start to finish for a wind turbine site’s planned maintenance project.

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You’ll find us throughout the country with a highly-trained workforce and cutting-edge fleet for reliable response when you need us most. Here are just a few of our recent job sites:

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