wind turbine

Long-Term Site Support Resources

Let’s face it: wind farms can be pretty high maintenance. The more turbines you operate over an extended period, the more technical assistance you will require. You need a maintenance partner that offers long-term wind turbine site support. With wind turbine technicians on call, you can easily manage both emergency repairs and routine maintenance

Wind turbine troubleshooting

When something goes wrong with one of your turbines, you may not necessarily need to call technicians to your site, but it is still nice to have someone you can call to talk you through possible fixes for the problem you are experiencing. Anemoi’s support team is always available to speak to you over the phone or online to diagnose problems with your turbines and provide you with instant solutions. We will be able to tell whether the problem can be solved on the spot or if you will need to book a service call. 

Support and repairs

For more serious problems where troubleshooting doesn’t help, our support team will dispatch technicians to investigate the issue and perform on-site repairs. Whether you need a composite repair specialist or a fix for a more complex mechanical issue, our support technicians can quickly be on site to solve the problem. 


One of the most important things you need to run a successful wind farm is an efficient, proactive maintenance schedule. Regular maintenance will help you solve problems before they happen, keep your turbines running without any downtime. Our support team will help you set up your maintenance routine and implement it for you, applying our expertise to keeping your turbines running year after year.

Manpower augmentation

Knowing how complex wind farm operations can be, including everything from ongoing maintenance routines to everyday troubleshooting requirements, Anemoi provides long-term manpower augmentation to meet the needs of any project. When you make a long-term manpower augmentation arrangement with us, you will have our skilled technicians on your site to provide ongoing repair and maintenance services, without the need to hire and train personnel.


Trust Anemoi Energy Services for both short and long-term wind turbine support. Contact us for more information.