Wind turbine engineer

A Day In The Life Of A Wind Turbine Engineer

Renewable energy is growing at such a rapid pace that the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) says that wind energy was responsible for 39% of the energy capacity in the US in 2018. Wind Turbine Engineer Technicians are becoming sought-after with a growing wind energy sector, and the occupation shows promising growth and wage numbers.  

What does a Wind Turbine Engineer Technician do? 

Broadcast Media Services followed a day in the life of Wind Turbine Engineer Stephen Fisher, who was working on the London Array – one of the world’s largest offshore wind farms. Fisher explains that his work typically involves climbing the turbine, where he then takes off filters and puts fresh oil in certain parts. Work will often include having to crawl underneath tight spaces or even climbing into the blade to change the grease inside the blade. 

A typical day at work for a Wind Turbine Engineer 

  • Most shifts are 12-hours long.
  • The day usually starts by clocking-in and getting the necessary paperwork and tools from the O&M Centre that the team will need to conduct their work for the day.
  • Paperwork is an essential part of starting the day, as it is used to stipulate isolations for when work is being done on certain parts of the turbine to make it safe for everyone working on the turbine.
  • Next, the team heads to the warehouse to get their kit-bags, which will include a climbing harness and an immersion suit for offshore work. (Lunch is also taken along, as there are no lunch options once you are on the turbine).
  • The team is transported to the turbine, and they climb to the first part of the turbine. Once at the top of the turbine, you get to enjoy the views from an approximate height of 100 meters (sometimes you will even work above the clouds). 
  • Once the work for the day is concluded, the team clock-out. 

What do those in the Wind Engineering industry say? 

Those in the industry believe it’s one of the best careers to follow. Renewable energy will continue to grow, and once you get into the industry, you’ll have a lifetime career. You get paid to climb turbines and enjoy some unbelievable views – not something everyone gets to do at work.  

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