wind power maintenance staff

Anemoi is always Hiring

Are you a wind turbine technician looking for a good position in our rapidly expanding industry? Anemoi Energy Services is always on the lookout for excellent wind power maintenance staff to join our team. The wind power industry is constantly growing, as the private and public sectors increasingly see the value of sustainable energy. This continuous growth means that wind power infrastructure across North America is expanding, and the demand for skilled wind turbine technicians is growing with it. If you have the skills and experience needed to fill this demand, you need to seek out a dynamic, rapidly evolving organization well placed to supply quality wind power services across the US and Canada. Anemoi Energy Services fits this description.

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Why you should join our team

Anemoi is a company that is dedicated to the safe, expert maintenance of wind turbines. Our list of customers spans the entirety of the US and Canada, and keeps growing. We always need skilled staff to add to our team of expert technicians – and we have created a rewarding and welcoming work environment. We pride ourselves on our strong leadership team. Our corporate culture has developed naturally, flowing from the working style and ideas of our dynamic leaders. Communication is always open, keeping the vision and goals of the organization at the top of everybody’s minds, and allowing for the flow of ideas and suggestions from all team members. Decisions for promotions are based on picking people of integrity whose talents and experience best fit their positions, and we are very careful to offer competitive salaries, along with per diems, profit-sharing, and constant upskilling.

We are building the largest, highest-quality team of wind turbine repair and maintenance technicians in North America, and our door is always open to skilled personnel. If you would like to join our team of outstanding wind power maintenance staff, contact us today.