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Wind Farms In The US


The United States has seen a drastic increase in the installation of wind farms over the last decade due to greater interest in investing in renewable energy. The US Geological Survey (USGS) estimates that an average of 3000 wind turbines has been built annually in the US since 2005. The US Wind Turbine Database contained more than 58 000 wind turbines in 2019, all of which were constructed after 1980. Today, there are approximately 1500 wind energy projects that span at least 43 states in the US. As technology continues to evolve, so too do wind power projects.

Largest wind energy projects in the US  

Texas remains the US’s state industry leader, with an installed capacity of 24 899MW as of April 2019. In California’s Mojave desert, the Alta Wind Energy Center is the largest wind energy project in the US today in terms of installed capacity, with an approximate capacity of 946MW. With an installed capacity in excess of 96GW, the US is the second-largest producer of wind power in the world, hosting six of the top ten global onshore wind farms.

Country-wide wind energy projects ANEMOI has worked on


Shepherds Flat (Oregon)

This is the first wind farm to utilize GE2.5XL technology, and ANEMOI was afforded the opportunity to be the first company to complete a gearbox oil conversion on the turbines at the 845MW wind farm. ANEMOI met Amsoil’s strict standards, and our experts have mastered the process.

Panther Creek (Texas)

Three ANEMOI teams were deployed to work six-days-a-week for two months to perform the pitch battery replacements on 305 turbines. Each crew performed an average of two towers per day and finalized the work under-budget and four weeks ahead of schedule.

Mehoopany (Pennsylvania)

Tucked deep in the Appalachian Mountains, logistics and transport proved to be challenging when ANEMOI was called upon to perform annual maintenance at all of the site’s wind turbines within three weeks. Our five crews with three technicians per team completed the project on time and provided valuable feedback on such focused maintenance feasibility.

Balko (Oklahoma)

One ANEMOI crew of three technicians performed 162 Pitch & Yaw oil changes three weeks ahead of schedule, finalizing work in just over seven weeks. The site was so impressed that they requested ANEMOI to perform additional site maintenance for eight extra weeks.  

Rail Splitter (Illinois)

ANEMOI performed 67 gearbox oil conversions from Castrol A320-X320 and was the first company to perform this conversion to X320. ANEMOI was instrumental in developing the procedure, working closely with GE and Castrol to ensure the best overall results.

Sweetwater (Texas)

ANEMOI was called in to perform the first round of maintenance on the 170 turbines at the farm. The ANEMOI team worked for several months to perform maintenance on the turbines and performed hefty cleaning to bring the turbines back up to GE’s stringent operational standards. 

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