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Retrofitting Wind Turbines To Lower Costs

The renewable energy industry continues to grow rapidly, and pundits predict that if this growth continues, one-third of the world’s electricity demand will be supplied through wind energy. Many wind turbine owners and operators behind such supply management have decided to retrofit their turbines with new parts upon realizing that future running costs can be reduced. The retrofitted turbines also become more reliable due to the new parts, which culminates in increased productivity of the wind turbine that has been updated. Parts typically have a lifespan, and as turbines are reaching the end of their 20-year design life cycle, owners and operators are discovering the benefits of retrofitting and replacing some components to extend their assets’ online capacity for years to come. 

What are the benefits of wind turbine retrofits? 

Retrofits provide an opportunity to take full advantage of your wind turbine’s capacity and potential.  Thousands of turbines installed at wind farms over the past 20 years have performed as anticipated while generating return on investment for owners. However, most of these aging assets require costly services, which has prompted the sector to look at more cost-effective solutions. Retrofits reduce service costs while increasing a wind turbine’s life span, sometimes allowing the turbine to be online for an additional 10 to 20 years.

These are a few of the benefits to expect after a retrofit: 

  • Increased availability and efficiency
  • Higher revenue
  • Less unscheduled maintenance
  • Lower O&M costs
  • Increased surveillance and control
  • Extended turbine lifespan

Whether it’s correcting a serial defect or performing an upgrade for efficiencies, ANEMOI has the skills, tooling, and knowledge to complete your retrofit fully. ANEMOI has experience with retrofits from as small as ladder bracket retrofits to installing a complete fleet redesign on a turbine airflow nacelle cooling system. To discuss your retrofit requirements, get in touch with ANEMOI today.