wind turbine

Keep your turbines running at lower cost with discounted ANEMOI oil changes

Aside from keeping your turbine blades in good shape, one of the most important parts of wind turbine maintenance is carrying out regular oil changes. Replacing the oil in wind turbines keeps them running smoothly and efficiently, and thus reduces overall running costs.

Seasonal discounts on turbine oil changes

This Spring, as part of regular wind turbine maintenance routines, ANEMOI is offering volume discounts for turbine gearbox oil changes. By taking advantage of this offer, you can increase the efficiency of your wind turbines while paying less for your maintenance. ANEMOI has the capability and equipment to perform all your gearbox oil change and conversion needs, whether you want a straight change with the same type of oil or switching oil types. As we change the oil, we also inspect the gearbox and report and repair any problems or anomalies. We arrive on your site with a fully self-contained oil storage and change unit that works without external power sources. The unit consists of four segregated oil tanks for new oil, waste oil, flush oil, and rinse oil. Each tank is temperature-controlled to optimize oil flow in any environmental conditions.

ANEMOI has secured over 1,000 gearbox oil changes for the 2021 season, but we have the capacity for more! Get in touch with us and learn how your site can be a part of this service offering and make the most of our expert, discounted turbine oil changes.