Onshore wind power expertise

Expertise In Onshore Wind Power Generation

The United States is home to more than 100 gigawatts of wind energy capacity, and this sector of renewable energy will continue to grow due to the sustainable results produced by wind farms. However, finding a reputable company to partner with to look after all of your service and maintenance needs can be a daunting task. ANEMOI provides a highly-trained workforce and a cutting-edge fleet throughout the country for reliable response when you need us most. 

Why choose us for your wind turbine services and maintenance needs? 

  • All ANEMOI Operation Managers are becoming Safety Trained Supervisors (STS) through the board of certified safety professionals (BCSP).
  • All ANEMOI Field Operation Leaders are working towards OSHA 510, and all will be certified by the end of 2020.
  • ANEMOI has had no lost-time accidents and no OSHA recordables for six years.

Our expertise in onshore wind power generation 

Wind turbine blades

Wind turbine blades are the most critical components for efficient wind turbines, and damage caused by erosion, lightning strikes, and expected degradation can negatively impact a wind turbine’s power curve. Our composite repair specialists work with wind farm owners and OEMs to deliver project certainty for blade composite inspection and repair needs. Our combined team comprises seasoned blade technicians for up-tower or on-the-ground project repair needs.

Gearbox oil changes

We have the necessary experience, equipment, and capability to perform any gearbox oil change and conversion needs. Whether you are performing a straight-change with the same oil type or switching oil types, ANEMOI is your trusted wind turbine maintenance and service provider. 

Scheduled maintenance

When we work with clients, we ensure that the maintenance checklist provides all the essential information about safe maintenance, cleaning, inspections, testing, and replacement tasks for the proper operation of generators and associated equipment. We offer technical expertise from start to finish for a wind turbine site’s planned maintenance project.

Manpower augmentation

Given the complexity that accompanies a wind energy project’s maintenance and troubleshooting schedules, wind sites can be hit with the need for temporary workforce augmentation. Recognizing the challenges that may arise in these situations, we provide short- and long-term skilled and qualified staff to meet any project’s needs.  


Whether you need to correct a serial defect or want to perform an upgrade for efficiencies, we have the skills, tooling, and knowledge to complete your retrofit fully. 

If you would like to find out more about our onshore wind power expertise, get in touch with ANEMOI today.