Wind turbinesBringing down the cost of wind energy

Bringing down the cost of wind energy

Wind turbines are responsible for powering entire businesses and residential areas worldwide. The US benefits massively from wind energy which has proven to be a cost-effective method of generating renewable electricity that is environmentally sustainable. The cost of wind power turbines can be costly but there are factors such as wind technology and wind turbine maintenance that strongly impact profit and operating costs. We take a look at these factors and their impact on the cost of wind energy.

Wind energy – a financial overview

Wind turbines and its technology is rapidly becoming the most advanced form of renewable energy in the modern world. Wind farms and wind turbines can generate significantly lower cost-saving solutions in the United States and it is already a source for positive economic impact, energy security, and health benefits. 

The costs of wind energy have been gradually falling, with offshore wind energy seeing a reduction of over 60% in the past three years alone. Wind generation usually comes with 20-year fixed pricing and developers will be responsible for saving America up to $280 billion in the next 30 years due to the reduction in price spikes, supply disruptions, and coal fuel costs. 

Maintenance brings down wind energy costs

The wind is an affordable source of fuel energy, however, the maintenance costs of wind turbines can be high. Maintenance for wind turbines is usually done once a year but once this occurs, the risk of a turbine breakdown is reduced and the costs involved in future repairs are diminished. 

Studies show that a higher failure rate and greater repair resource requirement leads to higher costs of energy. The pitch and hydraulic system make up most of the costs involved when a wind turbine fails and these are expensive components to repair. It is therefore critical to ensure that these components are maintained for effective use. Regular and scheduled maintenance of wind turbines can save wind-powered developers money on the labor, operational, and manufacturing costs that they could acquire should they wait until the turbine broke down.

Digital technology and wind energy costs

Experts can make use of intricate data devices, analytics, automation, and predictive maintenance to help developers to manage the costs of unplanned repairs. The use of digital technology also helps them to detect mechanical and electrical issues within wind turbine services before the damage is done, thus saving time and money in the long haul. 

Wind energy technology involves the gathering of data related to torque, physical movements of rotor shafts, oil quality, and strain. The data indicates when a maintenance period is needed for the optimal performance of wind turbines. It also helps to estimate the costs involved and mitigate any financial risks. The costs of renewable energy from wind drops as experts gain more knowledge and experience on these methods of sophisticated digital solutions.

Choose expert wind turbine maintenance services

With all the information on the cost of wind energy at your disposal, it is expertly proven that the maintenance of wind turbines play a critical role in cost reduction and wind energy development. Expert wind energy technicians are the best people to consult when it comes down to this. These technicians have the knowledge and qualifications to conduct the research needed on wind turbine fault analysis, as well as provide condition monitoring techniques and optimized maintenance procedures to save costs and ensure that wind energy devices work for decades to come.

Regularly scheduled maintenance is critical! At ANEMOI Energy Services we provide all the tooling you need for a turnkey job. Our professional team offers comprehensive wind turbine maintenance and service to ensure your units are running efficiently and at optimal capacity each day. We can bring down the cost of wind energy for you by the use of our scheduled and unscheduled maintenance plans. Interested in more information? Give us a call today!