Breaking down the cost of wind energy

Breaking down the cost of wind energy

With the increasing costs involved in running traditional methods of energy and the impact of climate change, more companies in the United States are turning to developers of renewable energy. This increased the demand for wind energy services countrywide but is the development of wind energy a sustainable and cost-effective method of production? 

To answer this question, we break down the cost of wind energy concerning wind-powered and wind turbine maintenance, as well as its component parts. 

Factors that influence wind energy services

Wind power and the wind turbines behind it are an economical and sustainable source of energy. With more companies moving to solar-powered energy production and larger wind turbines, investment in wind energy farms has increased throughout the decade. This is highly dependent on the area that supplies the power. There is a decrease in cost in coastal areas, which have larger areas for setting up wind turbines and ample business for service providers. The cost of wind energy decreases by around 9.2 c€ /kWh in these areas. 

Investments play a vital role when it comes to wind energy services. It is predicted that the wind industry will invest over $62 billion in new projects over the next few years. With this investment, there will be more finance available for developers, as well as more energy service use countrywide, leading to an increase in a profit margin.

The impact of scheduled maintenance on wind energy 

The affordability of wind energy largely depends on the maintenance of wind turbines and their parts. Turbines mostly fail due to improper maintenance or diligence. It is therefore critical that developers prevent wind turbine failure, instead of running turbines until they break down as it is less costly to fix a turbine than to repair it. With only 1.5 days a year needed for wind turbine maintenance, maintenance is a significant and cost-effective method to save money on expenses in the long term. 

Scheduled maintenance is also important to prevent any downtime and disruption to wind energy services, which could impact wind service providers and their income. Experts that provide wind turbine maintenance ensure that financial risks are taken care of. They do this with the use of advanced wind energy technology and thorough site assessments.

The role of wind turbine maintenance providers

Scheduled maintenance keeps wind turbines in working order for a longer period. Wind technicians are an important part of what keeps wind turbines running smoothly. They reduce any financial risk that developers could face by providing wind turbine services maintenance. These services include the lubrication of moving parts, gearboxes, and bearings, thorough checking of connections, and assessment of faults. It is done only two to three times per year, making it convenient and cost-effective.

Where can you find this expert team of wind technicians? ANEMOI has a professional and certified team that ensures that maintenance is carried out in a safe and timely manner. We take care of your maintenance before it can cause you trouble by providing cleaning, inspections, testing, and replacement tasks that are necessary to ensure the proper operation of generators and associated equipment. 

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