The role of big data in the wind energy industry

Big data is playing a significant role in optimizing and regulating the wind energy industry, along with the broader renewable energy sector in general. Here is a breakdown of why big data is becoming such a game-changer. 


What is big data?


Big data refers to enormous data sets that can be carefully analyzed using advanced technology to reveal various trends and patterns. These trends and patterns can then be used to tailor operations to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and optimize operations. 


How is big data analysis benefiting the wind energy industry?


The main way that big data analysis is set to benefit the wind energy industry is by analyzing weather patterns through historical data. Owners of wind farms obviously rely on wind to generate energy. The more wind there is, the more power can be generated. Therefore, having a good general idea of when the wind will be readily available can help to increase wind energy production dramatically, all the while reducing production costs. 

With the help of weather analysis through big data, wind farms will not need to spend money on improving wind farm infrastructure to increase wind energy production. This increase in production will be possible through merely optimizing how they use their already-existing wind turbines. 

Besides uncovering weather patterns, it is predicted that big data will also be incorporated into streamlining wind turbine maintenance. In a few years’ time, it could work by analyzing when various aspects of maintenance should take place to maximize the lifespan and efficiency of the turbine and its parts. The data is also likely to be able to predict potential premature failures based on various conditions, making it possible for wind farm owners to take preventative action. 

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