wind turbine blades

Anemoi composite repair crews

With Spring having just arrived, wind farm operators will be watching the skies apprehensively, knowing that seasonal storms can cause damage to their turbine blades. They need specialized composite repair crews they can trust. As an established provider for the largest blade OEMs, ANEMOI has the talent and capabilities to handle all of your blade repair needs.

Managing the risks of composite turbine blades

Blades are the most critical components of turbines. If they are damaged and stop working, or operate only partially, then wind power production will suffer. It is vital to maintain them and repair them quickly whenever necessary. One of the biggest risks involved with running wind turbines is the weather. When the stormy season arrives, the increased risk of damage due to lightning means that an efficient repair crew should always be on hand. 

ANEMOI’s experienced team of composite repair specialists works with OEMs and wind farm operators to ensure certainty and productivity at all times. We carry out regular inspections and take care of any damage both uptower and on the ground. 

Our technicians are specially trained to deal with the risks and potential problems of composite turbine blades, including the specific safety requirements, testing, structural repair, leading and trailing edge repair, shell repair, and tip repair.

This Spring, make ANEMOI your partner in turbine care and maintenance. We offer comprehensive wind turbine maintenance and service to ensure your units are running efficiently. Contact us for more information on the benefits of having our composite repair crews at your service.