Anemoi is always Hiring

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wind power maintenance staff

Are you a wind turbine technician looking for a good position in our rapidly expanding industry? Anemoi Energy Services is always on the lookout for excellent wind power maintenance staff to join our team. The wind power industry is constantly growing, as the private and public sectors increasingly see the value of sustainable energy. This continuous growth means that wind power infrastructure across North America is expanding, and the demand for skilled wind turbine technicians is growing with it. If you have the skills and experience needed to fill this demand, you need to seek out a dynamic, rapidly evolving organization well placed to supply quality wind power services across the US and Canada. Anemoi Energy Services fits this description.

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Why you should join our team

Anemoi is a company that is dedicated to the safe, expert maintenance of wind turbines. Our list of customers spans the entirety of the US and Canada, and keeps growing. We always need skilled staff to add to our team of expert technicians – and we have created a rewarding and welcoming work environment. We pride ourselves on our strong leadership team. Our corporate culture has developed naturally, flowing from the working style and ideas of our dynamic leaders. Communication is always open, keeping the vision and goals of the organization at the top of everybody’s minds, and allowing for the flow of ideas and suggestions from all team members. Decisions for promotions are based on picking people of integrity whose talents and experience best fit their positions, and we are very careful to offer competitive salaries, along with per diems, profit-sharing, and constant upskilling.

We are building the largest, highest-quality team of wind turbine repair and maintenance technicians in North America, and our door is always open to skilled personnel. If you would like to join our team of outstanding wind power maintenance staff, contact us today.  

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Long-Term Site Support Resources

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wind turbine

Let’s face it: wind farms can be pretty high maintenance. The more turbines you operate over an extended period, the more technical assistance you will require. You need a maintenance partner that offers long-term wind turbine site support. With wind turbine technicians on call, you can easily manage both emergency repairs and routine maintenance

Wind turbine troubleshooting

When something goes wrong with one of your turbines, you may not necessarily need to call technicians to your site, but it is still nice to have someone you can call to talk you through possible fixes for the problem you are experiencing. Anemoi’s support team is always available to speak to you over the phone or online to diagnose problems with your turbines and provide you with instant solutions. We will be able to tell whether the problem can be solved on the spot or if you will need to book a service call. 

Support and repairs

For more serious problems where troubleshooting doesn’t help, our support team will dispatch technicians to investigate the issue and perform on-site repairs. Whether you need a composite repair specialist or a fix for a more complex mechanical issue, our support technicians can quickly be on site to solve the problem. 


One of the most important things you need to run a successful wind farm is an efficient, proactive maintenance schedule. Regular maintenance will help you solve problems before they happen, keep your turbines running without any downtime. Our support team will help you set up your maintenance routine and implement it for you, applying our expertise to keeping your turbines running year after year.

Manpower augmentation

Knowing how complex wind farm operations can be, including everything from ongoing maintenance routines to everyday troubleshooting requirements, Anemoi provides long-term manpower augmentation to meet the needs of any project. When you make a long-term manpower augmentation arrangement with us, you will have our skilled technicians on your site to provide ongoing repair and maintenance services, without the need to hire and train personnel.


Trust Anemoi Energy Services for both short and long-term wind turbine support. Contact us for more information.  

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Keep your turbines running at lower cost with discounted ANEMOI oil changes

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wind turbine

Aside from keeping your turbine blades in good shape, one of the most important parts of wind turbine maintenance is carrying out regular oil changes. Replacing the oil in wind turbines keeps them running smoothly and efficiently, and thus reduces overall running costs.

Seasonal discounts on turbine oil changes

This Spring, as part of regular wind turbine maintenance routines, ANEMOI is offering volume discounts for turbine gearbox oil changes. By taking advantage of this offer, you can increase the efficiency of your wind turbines while paying less for your maintenance. ANEMOI has the capability and equipment to perform all your gearbox oil change and conversion needs, whether you want a straight change with the same type of oil or switching oil types. As we change the oil, we also inspect the gearbox and report and repair any problems or anomalies. We arrive on your site with a fully self-contained oil storage and change unit that works without external power sources. The unit consists of four segregated oil tanks for new oil, waste oil, flush oil, and rinse oil. Each tank is temperature-controlled to optimize oil flow in any environmental conditions.

ANEMOI has secured over 1,000 gearbox oil changes for the 2021 season, but we have the capacity for more! Get in touch with us and learn how your site can be a part of this service offering and make the most of our expert, discounted turbine oil changes.

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Anemoi composite repair crews

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wind turbine blades

With Spring having just arrived, wind farm operators will be watching the skies apprehensively, knowing that seasonal storms can cause damage to their turbine blades. They need specialized composite repair crews they can trust. As an established provider for the largest blade OEMs, ANEMOI has the talent and capabilities to handle all of your blade repair needs.

Managing the risks of composite turbine blades

Blades are the most critical components of turbines. If they are damaged and stop working, or operate only partially, then wind power production will suffer. It is vital to maintain them and repair them quickly whenever necessary. One of the biggest risks involved with running wind turbines is the weather. When the stormy season arrives, the increased risk of damage due to lightning means that an efficient repair crew should always be on hand. 

ANEMOI’s experienced team of composite repair specialists works with OEMs and wind farm operators to ensure certainty and productivity at all times. We carry out regular inspections and take care of any damage both uptower and on the ground. 

Our technicians are specially trained to deal with the risks and potential problems of composite turbine blades, including the specific safety requirements, testing, structural repair, leading and trailing edge repair, shell repair, and tip repair.

This Spring, make ANEMOI your partner in turbine care and maintenance. We offer comprehensive wind turbine maintenance and service to ensure your units are running efficiently. Contact us for more information on the benefits of having our composite repair crews at your service.

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