An Anemoi Holiday Message

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To our Clients and Team Members (old, new, and those we have yet to meet)

“The year end brings no greater pleasure then the opportunity to express to you season’s greetings and good wishes. May your holidays and new year be filled with joy.” – Charles Dickens

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for contributing to an amazing year. The efforts of our employees and our relationships with our clients form the basis of our success. In this past year, we have enjoyed many successes.

Anemoi serviced more than 3,000 units in 2020. Our crews worked at 63 wind sites in 16 different states. Our staff grew by 71% to meet these demands for our services and expertise.

2020 was a year that brought us both challenges and victories. How reassuring it has been to know that we can count on all of you regardless of what faces us. On behalf of Anemoi Energy Services, please allow me to extend my personal and genuine appreciation to each and every one of our employees for their valuable contributions. Working with you this past year has been a pleasure, and we are proud to have you all with us.

To our customers, thank you for allowing us to serve your wind turbine maintenance needs. We are committed to Delivering Certainty. We look forward to being part of your team in the new year.

Thank you for the commitment that each one of you has shown us. We offer our best wishes and happiness to you and your families as we all look forward to a successful new year.

Matthew Smith

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Bringing down the cost of wind energy

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Wind turbinesBringing down the cost of wind energy

Wind turbines are responsible for powering entire businesses and residential areas worldwide. The US benefits massively from wind energy which has proven to be a cost-effective method of generating renewable electricity that is environmentally sustainable. The cost of wind power turbines can be costly but there are factors such as wind technology and wind turbine maintenance that strongly impact profit and operating costs. We take a look at these factors and their impact on the cost of wind energy.

Wind energy – a financial overview

Wind turbines and its technology is rapidly becoming the most advanced form of renewable energy in the modern world. Wind farms and wind turbines can generate significantly lower cost-saving solutions in the United States and it is already a source for positive economic impact, energy security, and health benefits. 

The costs of wind energy have been gradually falling, with offshore wind energy seeing a reduction of over 60% in the past three years alone. Wind generation usually comes with 20-year fixed pricing and developers will be responsible for saving America up to $280 billion in the next 30 years due to the reduction in price spikes, supply disruptions, and coal fuel costs. 

Maintenance brings down wind energy costs

The wind is an affordable source of fuel energy, however, the maintenance costs of wind turbines can be high. Maintenance for wind turbines is usually done once a year but once this occurs, the risk of a turbine breakdown is reduced and the costs involved in future repairs are diminished. 

Studies show that a higher failure rate and greater repair resource requirement leads to higher costs of energy. The pitch and hydraulic system make up most of the costs involved when a wind turbine fails and these are expensive components to repair. It is therefore critical to ensure that these components are maintained for effective use. Regular and scheduled maintenance of wind turbines can save wind-powered developers money on the labor, operational, and manufacturing costs that they could acquire should they wait until the turbine broke down.

Digital technology and wind energy costs

Experts can make use of intricate data devices, analytics, automation, and predictive maintenance to help developers to manage the costs of unplanned repairs. The use of digital technology also helps them to detect mechanical and electrical issues within wind turbine services before the damage is done, thus saving time and money in the long haul. 

Wind energy technology involves the gathering of data related to torque, physical movements of rotor shafts, oil quality, and strain. The data indicates when a maintenance period is needed for the optimal performance of wind turbines. It also helps to estimate the costs involved and mitigate any financial risks. The costs of renewable energy from wind drops as experts gain more knowledge and experience on these methods of sophisticated digital solutions.

Choose expert wind turbine maintenance services

With all the information on the cost of wind energy at your disposal, it is expertly proven that the maintenance of wind turbines play a critical role in cost reduction and wind energy development. Expert wind energy technicians are the best people to consult when it comes down to this. These technicians have the knowledge and qualifications to conduct the research needed on wind turbine fault analysis, as well as provide condition monitoring techniques and optimized maintenance procedures to save costs and ensure that wind energy devices work for decades to come.

Regularly scheduled maintenance is critical! At ANEMOI Energy Services we provide all the tooling you need for a turnkey job. Our professional team offers comprehensive wind turbine maintenance and service to ensure your units are running efficiently and at optimal capacity each day. We can bring down the cost of wind energy for you by the use of our scheduled and unscheduled maintenance plans. Interested in more information? Give us a call today!

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The cost of wind vs. solar energy

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We want to provide services that save the environment and save costs in doing so – renewable energy is a sustainable way to accomplish that. The cost of solar energy vs wind energy is a continuous debate in the environmental community. Which has more benefits in the long-term and what can be done to save energy service providers and developers’ costs? Heloo m good and you 

Wind energy vs solar energy? Factors to consider

Both solar and wind-powered energy are excellent sources of renewable energy with unique benefits. The cost of each source however differs and when it comes to a sustainable and cost-effective service, wind energy has benefits that outweigh its expenses. We take a look at the factors influencing this choice below:


The installation of solar panels is undoubtedly convenient as the electrical current from the solar panels does not need further labor costs beyond basic installation. Solar panels, however, does not work effectively if it is not placed in an area that gains the most sunlight. This may be costly to arrange in residential areas and areas with unpredictable weather patterns. 

Wind turbines are easier to install and are often located in any available open area for optimal effectiveness. Costs are lowered in country areas where the installation is significantly easier due to a lack of obstruction and better weather conditions. 

Power generation

Solar energy has a history of producing more energy, however, with an increase in technological advances in wind design and taller turbines with longer blades, more energy is being harvested, resulting in an increased speed and power generation overall. 

Wind energy is a popular option for utility services and developers that operate within larger areas that need a powerful and reliable source of energy to power a large surface area. Wind turbines are extremely effective in this regard to source more energy from reliable renewables – they produce more energy than solar panels and also release less CO2 into the atmosphere, resulting in a sustainable and cost-effective option. 

Tax incentives

Utilities have been benefiting from federal tax incentives that encourage renewable strategies to reduce carbon dioxide emissions to stem climate change. This has had a great impact on investment toward wind farms and developers. As long as there aren’t potential changes to the tax system, the economics of wind energy is seen as a more favorable source of renewable energy.


Wind turbine maintenance is timely and effective compared to other sources of renewable energy. Wind turbine gearboxes come with an easy-to-follow maintenance guide that experts can make use of should unpredictable issues arise. Not only do experts help with maintenance but they have the technology to predict turbine failure before it becomes a costly problem. Although costs are affected by maintenance, wind turbines that are checked at least once or twice or year are more likely to avoid breakdowns and the expensive costs that could potentially come with it.

The impact of maintenance on wind energy

With wind turbine manufacturing on the rise and powering more industries in the US, the question of wind vs. solar energy is easier to answer. Wind energy is one of the most sustainable and affordable ways to provide power for decades to come. Wind turbine maintenance helps to reduce costs that may arise should a wind turbine ever break down, thus saving money on expensive installation, labor, and downtime. 

Our experts at Anemoi Services suggest investing in wind turbine maintenance for sustainable long-term success. When it comes to wind turbines and their maintenance, our safety-trained supervisors are readily available to offer your business guidance and support every step of the way to ensure you receive the most affordable and rewarding service. For more information on our services, contact us today! 

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Breaking down the cost of wind energy

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Breaking down the cost of wind energy

With the increasing costs involved in running traditional methods of energy and the impact of climate change, more companies in the United States are turning to developers of renewable energy. This increased the demand for wind energy services countrywide but is the development of wind energy a sustainable and cost-effective method of production? 

To answer this question, we break down the cost of wind energy concerning wind-powered and wind turbine maintenance, as well as its component parts. 

Factors that influence wind energy services

Wind power and the wind turbines behind it are an economical and sustainable source of energy. With more companies moving to solar-powered energy production and larger wind turbines, investment in wind energy farms has increased throughout the decade. This is highly dependent on the area that supplies the power. There is a decrease in cost in coastal areas, which have larger areas for setting up wind turbines and ample business for service providers. The cost of wind energy decreases by around 9.2 c€ /kWh in these areas. 

Investments play a vital role when it comes to wind energy services. It is predicted that the wind industry will invest over $62 billion in new projects over the next few years. With this investment, there will be more finance available for developers, as well as more energy service use countrywide, leading to an increase in a profit margin.

The impact of scheduled maintenance on wind energy 

The affordability of wind energy largely depends on the maintenance of wind turbines and their parts. Turbines mostly fail due to improper maintenance or diligence. It is therefore critical that developers prevent wind turbine failure, instead of running turbines until they break down as it is less costly to fix a turbine than to repair it. With only 1.5 days a year needed for wind turbine maintenance, maintenance is a significant and cost-effective method to save money on expenses in the long term. 

Scheduled maintenance is also important to prevent any downtime and disruption to wind energy services, which could impact wind service providers and their income. Experts that provide wind turbine maintenance ensure that financial risks are taken care of. They do this with the use of advanced wind energy technology and thorough site assessments.

The role of wind turbine maintenance providers

Scheduled maintenance keeps wind turbines in working order for a longer period. Wind technicians are an important part of what keeps wind turbines running smoothly. They reduce any financial risk that developers could face by providing wind turbine services maintenance. These services include the lubrication of moving parts, gearboxes, and bearings, thorough checking of connections, and assessment of faults. It is done only two to three times per year, making it convenient and cost-effective.

Where can you find this expert team of wind technicians? ANEMOI has a professional and certified team that ensures that maintenance is carried out in a safe and timely manner. We take care of your maintenance before it can cause you trouble by providing cleaning, inspections, testing, and replacement tasks that are necessary to ensure the proper operation of generators and associated equipment. 

For further information on breaking down the cost of wind energy, contact us today! 

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Wind energy maintenance costs

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Wind energy maintenance costs

With climate change affecting us every day, onshore and offshore wind is increasingly becoming the leading renewable energy source in the US. Data released from the U.S. Energy Administration Information (EIA) show that wind energy is officially the most-used renewable electricity generation source in the U.S, surpassing hydroelectric generation. In 2019 alone, the figures for wind energy increased to over 300 million megawatt-hours (MWh). These figures indicate that wind energy is bringing in new investments around the world in an ever-increasing high-value market. 

Renewable energy sources can be costly if not properly maintained. Energy services and wind developers that don’t make use of proper maintenance services can spend millions on operating expenses such as capital and labor. With proper maintenance of wind energy turbine services, there is a deduction of maintenance costs as it requires less labor than traditional methods of maintenance and accurately obtains data that is used to keep wind turbine services running optimally throughout the year, saving on costs associated with repairs.

The cost of wind energy maintenance is affordable and beneficial to keep wind turbines functional for decades to come. We have a guide on more information regarding the costs involved with wind energy maintenance. 

The importance of wind energy maintenance

Establishing a good maintenance plan for a wind project is often the best way to predict (and avoid) issues that could impact land leases, project permits, and wind-farm financing. Wind developers require a proper and financeable wind-measurement campaign during the process of wind-farm development. This data includes essential maintenance information, such as an equipment maintenance plan. The data from this campaign helps them to secure finance from investors, wind turbine manufacturers, and banks, which often require a minimum of one year of onsite wind data. 

The maintenance plan also assists developers in obtaining reliable measurements on predicting future repair costs needed and financial risks concerning projects. Permitting bodies also have a more favorable disposition towards wind energy projects that have a strong maintenance plan and support, so being proactive towards maintenance can have a successful impact on wind energy services.

The maintenance costs of wind turbine services 

Due to previous large turbine designs, the maintenance of wind turbines was excessively often costly and time-consuming. This trend, however, has declined, resulting in a significant drop in expenses. There has been a significant reduction in maintenance costs due to turbines that make use of better design and technology (more than 90 percent from 1983 to 2015). 

A Reuters report showed that the median operations and maintenance (O&M) cost for a U.S. utility-scale wind farm in 2016 was just over $48,000/MW, with an average age of installed turbines being around six years. As US developers start to spend more on wind energy, the cost of its services such as wind turbine maintenance has been lowered by $42,000 – $48,000 per year.

It is important to note that operation and maintenance costs include insurance, land rent, service repair costs, spare parts, as well as all administrative costs involved. There are turbine types that have higher upfront costs and some that have higher operations and maintenance costs. Even though this can be recurring costs, the income and money saved from the use of wind turbines significantly out-produces the maintenance costs. 

Why should you make use of energy maintenance services?

With the rise in investments in solar technology around the wind, it is undoubtedly a future that is going to be dominated by wind energy services and manufacturing. Proper due diligence and maintenance plans are important to keep wind energy services running for decades to come. It is also critical to ensure that you keep wind turbines working effectively to avoid costly mistakes down the road. 

Wind energy service developers are sometimes financially affected by changing market costs, which impact their maintenance of wind turbines and parts. A maintenance campaign is therefore essential and should be initiated in advance to predict maintenance costs involved in projects. This will also assist developers so that they are prepared for any maintenance costs that occur even during challenging times.

Anemoi Energy Service offers affordable high-powered wind turbine maintenance services to ensure your wind energy equipment runs efficiently and smoothly. Our team works across the US ensuring that regular maintenance is carried out, and we have experts that promptly schedule and predict the maintenance of wind turbines  – saving you and your team time and money! 

For more information on our wind energy maintenance costs, contact us today

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